"Aren’t you worried about the Studio’s future?"

Catherine Deneuve and director Luis Buñuel on the set of Belle de Jour, photographed by Manuel Litran, 1967.

Ideal dinner for a hot summer eve
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Pianist Glenn Gould soaks his hands in the sink to limber up his fingers before performing; he starts with lukewarm water and gradually raises the temperature to hot. 
Photographed by Gordon Parks, March 1955
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Boldly going nowhere
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Kevin Spacey and Ryan Gosling photographed by Jeff Vespa (2003)


The Acme Catalog
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It’s just so lonely
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Chart illustrating the historical development, currents, and crosscurrents of modern art, created by Alfred Barr (MoMA’s first director) for the catalog of the 1936 exhibition “Cubism and Abstract Art.”
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Hiroshige (1797-1858), Owl on a Maple Branch in the Full Moon, 1832.
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